What our members are saying about us

Sometimes the best way to learn about a product or service is to ask people who already use it. This is what some of our members have had to say about Mikibo.

"Thanks for such a good site."

Jackie, TX USA

"I think this website is fantastic, thank you very much. I will be telling others who need to lose weight about this site. Bring on my weightloss!"

Rebbecca, QLD Australia

"Thanks for a wonderful resource!"

Janine, NSW Australia

"Mikibo is getting better every day! Thank you, the program is very easy to use, is a motivational tool, and very informative with readings in so many areas making it very professional yet easy to understand."

Colleen, NSW Australia

"Mikibo is wonderful - Thanks for the great help Mikibo is to me - it's like having my own personal coach."

Gillan, NSW Australia

"I am really so impressed by Mikibo."

Kirsty, VIC Australia

"Firstly I have to say thanks for a fantastic site. I have only just discovered Mikibo from a friends recommendation and I love it. I have been using it every day and cant wait to enter all my food and activity in each day."

Asha, VIC Australia

"Joined almost 3 weeks ago, & find this site briliant!"

Jeanette, VIC Australia

"Keep up the great work and Thanks for the web site, it has made a great difference to my life."

Maria, NSW Australia

"I absolutely love using the mikibo site!"

Emma, NSW Australia

"Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic new feature the nutritional analysis of daily food intake is. The really helpful thing was finding out where all the sodium was creeping into my diet, despite the fact that I add salt to nothing! I discovered that the processed low fat cheese slices I've been having daily are LOADED with sodium. Thanks heaps for adding this feature!!"

Karen, NSW Australia

"Thanks so much for this site it has been a life saver I am so glad to be able to do the food diary + the excercise prog is great thank you agin I cant afford a gym so this is just great."

Alison, SA Australia

"Thanks for the site its helped me loose weight and get fit."

Craig, NSW Australia

"Just wanted to say thanks for listening to, and acting on suggestions for improving the website. Keep up the great work!"

Karen, NSW Australia

"I am very impressed with your site and have still to explore it all. I am passing the address on to as many people as I can. Thank the team for a job well done."

Joan, QLD Australia

"Hi, I am absolutely loving this site, its given me a new lease of life to look at what I am eating and concentrate on the right foods."

Linda, VIC Australia

"Thanks for a great site. I have no doubt that using this site has helped with my weightloss and general fitness improvement."

Kim, VIC Australia

"Thank you so much for the web site. A friend send me an invite and I have not looked back."

Maria, NSW Australia

"This is an awesome site - there is nothing that you could do to improve it, except to add rock melon juice to your foods list. Thanks for your support"

Ali, NSW Australia

"Many thanks for providing this excellent resource."

Victoria, NSW Australia

"I have been using the Mikibo site for a while now and find it very valuable and great visual feedback on my training and diet."

Murray, NSW Australia

"Well done on your site. My friend has had excellent success with it. I'm looking forward to getting into it."

Lucy, NSW Australia

"I'm really enjoying Mikibo, it's a great service."

Tari, VIC Australia

"I'm hooked."

Anthony, Sydney Australia

"Thank you, a great program."

Colleen, NSW Australia

"I love your site and find it really helpful."

Natalie, NSW Australia

"Love your site - it will help me with information to ensure fitness and a nourishing and healthy diet."

Bernadette, VIC Australia

"Thanks for helping me start to see where I'm going so wrong"

Lynda, Sydney Australia

"Love the site. Keep it up."

Jacqueline, VIC Australia

"Thanks for the site it's fantastic."

Maria, NSW Australia

"Love this site - thank-you!"

Sandy, NSW Australia

"I would like to compliment you on the web site. It loads quickly and is very easy to use. I only discovered your site last week and already spent a lot of time on here updating my food intake and exercise dairy. GREAT! Especially since I am one of those lucky people who does not need to loose weight, but still need a schedule to stay fit and eat healthy. The other thing I really liked is that you don't need expensive gym equipment to get started. Being able to click on muscle groups and pick the exercises that go with it are a great tool too. I have also passed on your site to quite a few people already and they all sound very excited too. Well done! "

Wandy, NSW Australia

"I absolute love your site, it has been very helpful!"

Leyla, Sydney Australia

"Hi, fantastic site, its really helping me."

Karen, VIC Australia

"I am finding the entire web site to be of immense use and am very surprised that you're not asking for at least a token payment for it. It is far better than one that I invested nearly $2000 in last year."

Phil, ACT Australia

"I think your website is awesome - I wish you well"

Cecily, NSW Australia

"I'm studying nutrition, this is a great site your providing for people to see just how much they are consuming and how much energy they are burning on a day to day and weekly basis"

Sarah, VIC Australia

"Your web site is great ! It's an awesome idea, something like this is really needed."

Mariana, NSW Australia

"I am finding Mikibo useful - it is encouraging me to keep exercising. The energy input/output graph is very useful."

Pam, VIC Australia

"Thanks so much. I love Mikibo!"

Annie, VIC Australia

"I am really enjoying using your site... thanks!"

Joanne, NSW Australia

"We often don't realise what we're eating and how it's affecting us. Being able to track and monitor like this is brilliant."

Peta, NSW Australia

"I can't believe how wonderful your site is - particularly of appeal is that we can rely on our own intelligence and general knowledge to assess where we are going wrong."

Mary, NSW Australia

"This web page is fantastic! Well done."

Verity, London United Kingdom

"This is brilliant! Thank you!"

Bonita, Melbourne Australia

"The site looks great. It's nice to know I can progress at my own pace and continue to have access to such a wonderful site"

Jo, ACT Australia

"I am finding Mikibo very useful"

Marie, WA United States

"I have just joined the mikibo site and it looks fantastic"


"Hi, just starting out with Mikibo, and am pretty excited about it."

Annette, ACT Australia

"I am so pleased with your service I have referred your site to my dietician. I suggested the site could be used by her clients."

Joshua, ACT Australia

"I have recently started using your site and really appreciate your policy of speedy loading pages. The speed of your site is great."


"I have found the exercise worthwhile - I have not lost any weight at this stage, but my muscle tone has improved."

Robert, NSW Australia

"I've recently heard of Mikibo & am excited about the way it works. I've only just started using the food diary & think it's great."

Gabriella, NSW Australia

"The feedback is excellent - actually looks like you read the email - so often web site 'feedbacks' don't!"

Lesley, Sydney Australia

"I think just having the duty to enter the food I eat is making me more conscious of what I'm eating. I've certainly walked past the biscuit tin/chocolate shop thinking - no, I can't have it because then I'll have to admit to it on the website!"

Anna, Sydney Australia

"I think this site is a great - well done! I'm really enjoying getting a handle on my portion sizes!"

Katherine, Sydney Australia

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